I’ve been helping with home ownership since 2008.

I treat every mortgage financing as if it were my own. For me It is important to give my clients knowledge.

Knowledge is power.

Power to make informed decisions.  


  • Mary Grace practices the true definition of customer service. She also has exceptional experience and knowledge of the real estate market and mortgage landscape. She took the time to build a relationship, understand our personal needs and provide clear options that made the most sense for us. From the initial inquiry through to closing she answered every email and call promptly, making the process as smooth as possible. Mary Grace originally came as a referral. Since then I have used her for two purchases as well as a few refinances and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a broker who looks beyond just the transaction.

    ADAM, Client

  • I’ve worked with Mary Grace on several transactions. My homes, rentals and re-finances, it didn’t matter what it was, she got it done. It’s always good to know I have someone who knows the industry well and can answer my questions. I would definitely use her in the future and recommend her to my family and friends


  • They say “professionalism means consistency of quality”. Mary Grace exemplifies passion for service, constantly striving for the best experience with each one of her clients. She is the consummate professional who is reliable and accountable, seeing each deal as a relationship rather than a transaction. I will only refer my Commercial clients to Mary Grace for her mortgage expertise and ability to always get the job done in an efficient, fair, and smooth manner. Mary Grace’s industry knowledge is integral to meet client’s needs in a timely manner. Integrity is key with Mary Grace, and in an industry with so many players, she definitely soars above the rest!

    Jennifer Montesano – Manager, Major Accounts Acquisition, BDC | Directrice principale, Acquisition

Awards & Community Involvement

2017 CMP Award
Best Community Service Effort of The Year

2017 Volunteer Recognition – City Of Vaughan

100 Brokers Who Care

Featured in Perspectives 2019

About Me

Thank you for visiting my website. There are many options for mortgage brokerage and I’m happy you chose to visit my site to learn more about what makes me different from the rest. I believe you must love what you do in order to succeed. I love what I do!

I have helped thousands of people with home financing. What sets me apart from other mortgage brokers is my ability to persevere on behalf of my client, following through from the start to the end of a transaction and my over 20 years of knowledge and experience in the financing industry. A mortgage can be one of the largest debts you will ever secure.

It is critical that you partner with a broker that can educate you on all the products and financing terms that are the most advantageous for you so that you are mortgage-free as quickly as possible. I treat every mortgage financing as if it were my own debt. Unfortunately, when purchasing a home with my husband we weren’t fortunate enough to find that same type of individual.

Our experience wasn’t pleasant so I do everything I can to ensure my clients have a positive experience with me. I have lived in and am an active member of the community of Vaughan for almost 20 years. I am a strong advocate and supporter of the Vaughan Hospice and Palliative Care Centre of Excellence where I am Past President and a member of the Board of Directors.

I have worked tirelessly to grow this facility into an integral part of our healthcare system. I am a devoted wife and mom to a terrific husband and to two kind hearted boys.

I stay active by running several times a week so that I can enjoy my “foodie” obsession. You can share in my obsession by following my instagram @marygraceskitchen. Bottom line, I am a hardworking, experienced, active, contributing and knowledgeable member of our community that would really love your business.

I build authentic relationships based on trust and integrity. It would be my honor to set everyone up for financial success when negotiating their mortgage requirements. Please contact me to find out more specifically how I can service your mortgage needs.

My services are for:

As a repeat buyer, you need to know what your options are in this NEW mortgage market. Your mortgage is not ‘portable’ as you might perceive ‘portable’ to mean. You do in fact need to completely re-qualify under todays far more stringent guidelines for the same mortgage you hold. And we often have clients discover that they now qualify for significantly less than their current mortgage balance. Discover this BEFORE you list and sell your current home.

In particular the self employed applicant (the owner of the business) needs to be having a detailed conversation with an expert, a conversation that includes a complete overview of all documents required. As the list has grown radically since 2012.

You likely think you are awesome, because your company is awesome, and no doubt you and company are awesome! However all that really matters, what it all boils down to in the end is your Personal Line 150 documented income. Having $100.00 or $100, 000.00 in liquid capital will not matter. Having never missed a mortgage payment in your life will not matter (99.69% of CDN’s never miss a payment – so ‘special’ is relative here).
Where our business owner clients used to provide a single CRA Notice of Assessment, and not much else, they are today being asked for;

• 2 years CRA Notice of Assessment
• 2 years T1 General personal tax returns (complete & accountant prepared)
• 2 years Corporate Financials (retained earnings are of limited help)
• Documented proof of business for self (i.e. Notice of Articles, GST returns, business licences)

From a few pages, to a few hundred. Things have changed. With a changing mortgage marketplace, you need to be kept up to date so that you can make a decision that is tailored to your current situation with the flexibility that you require.

I can help you through the entire process, helping you explore all your options.

Make a call now and have your financing plan in place and be sure it is workable prior to accepting an offer to sell your current home.
This is vital!

Looking for your first home?

Buying a home is an exciting time! You’re about to take a big step so you’ll definitely need some advice from a mortgage professional. I’ll give you the facts your bank won’t tell you about financing your next purchase. With access to multiple lenders, I’ll help you find the best rates and best mortgage options to help you buy your dream home.

Need a pre-approval before you go househunting?

Find out how much you can afford before you go househunting! This will keep you focused on shopping for homes within your price range. If you qualify for a preapproved mortgage, you’ll be certain of the size of mortgage for which you qualify and guaranteed a rate for a specific period of time.

Small and medium-sized businesses are the engine of the Canadian economy.

When it comes to mortgages, it hasn’t always paid to be self-employed – because reducing your taxable income can make it difficult to qualify for the mortgage you deserve. I understand business owners because I am a business owner as well!

I have a long list of institutional and private lenders that offer excellent mortgage options for self-employed Canadians. These lenders in Canada understand that self-employed individuals have tax write-offs creating significant reductions in their declared income. With these mortgage lenders, you will not be required to prove your income and a reasonable estimate of your annual income will be acceptable.

I am here to help you beat the banks!

Congratulations on your maturing mortgage…now let me help you get a better rate!

If your mortgage renewal is fast approaching then you’ll soon be at an important financial milestone. Now’s a great time to look at the many innovative options and competitive rates available. Lenders send out renewal forms just prior to renewal dates to those with good payment histories, with about 70% of homeowners sending it back without asking any questions! In today’s hectic world, that can be the easiest and best route, but you should ask yourself some questions before you sign on the dotted line. This is an important moment of opportunity.

Having multiple lenders compete for your business is a great way to ensure you get the best rate for your situation. I deal with multiple lending institutions, including major banks, credit unions, trusts and other national and regional lenders, which means we can put significant negotiating power behind finding the best mortgage to fit your specific situation.


A bad credit rating can be gut-wrenching and humiliating … we have options!

“Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” …and sometimes things get out of control. I see all kinds of credit ratings every day and I have the strategies to help improve and even heal, damaged credit. You may be surprised to know that you can still obtain a mortgage. Whether you’ve had a bankruptcy or your credit is only slightly bruised, you can still obtain financing. No worries, we’ll handle all the details. I have access to non-traditional lenders who offer financing solutions to individuals who have some credit challenges that cannot be addressed by the major financial institutions. Together we can quickly assess your situation and decide on the best way to move forward. The worst you can do is do nothing.

Sometimes the house of your dreams is the one you’re already living in!

Maybe it just needs some new landscaping, an extra wing for your growing family, an expanded kitchen, or a swimming pool in the backyard or you need to clear up some credit card debt. A record number of Canadians have taken advantage of the historic low mortgage rates and rising real estate values and have tapped into their home equity through equity take-outs. There’s never been a better time to access the extra funds that can help bring your home to that next level of comfort or lower your high interest rate credit cards. Consider accessing the cash you need.


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The 2019 Mortgage Centre National Community Award